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Deliberate Freelancer

Sep 15, 2022

This week’s episode is unique in that it’s a cross-post episode. What that means is that I, Melanie, was invited on Hilary Sutton’s Hustle & Grace podcast recently. Not only does that episode debut on Hilary’s podcast this week, but I agreed to share it here on Deliberate Freelancer. 

Hilary is a writer, speaker and consultant. And she has become a real-life friend who lives here in the DC area near me. I encourage you to check out her podcast for great interviews from entrepreneurs and other freelancers and consultants.

So, the tables are turned and Hilary interviews me this week. In this episode I talk about:

  • My career journey and why I left employment and became a freelancer.
  • Tips on taking that leap into freelancing. 
  • Why I launched Deliberate Freelancer. 
  • Why I launched a second podcast, Association Station, this year—and how I used lessons from Deliberate Freelancer to make the creation process more efficient. 
  • How podcasting has improved my business and built my community, in surprising ways. 
  • My thoughts on whether we should strive to be six-figure freelancers.
  • How to hit your financial goals. 

Hilary might sound familiar to you because she has been a guest on Deliberate Freelancer. Scroll down to access that episode about the importance of personal branding.