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Deliberate Freelancer

Sep 21, 2023

On today’s show I provide a recap of The Content Byte Summit, which was held in Sydney, Australia, September 15-16. I attended virtually and was super impressed with the content, particularly all the discussion around artificial intelligence. There was also a lot of great tactical advice about running your freelance business, so even if you’re not a writer, I think you can learn from some of the advice I’m sharing today.  

Here’s what I share with you in this episode:

  • A panel about humans versus AI discussed how a writer can stand out nowadays.
  • Where AI fails and isn’t helpful.
  • AI is a word predictor, so that means it has no original thought, no anecdotes, no creativity, no vulnerability. Those are areas you should include in your content. 
  • Why Ed Gandia no longer uses the word “strategy.” 
  • How to stop giving away your strategy and advice to clients for free. 
  • Tips from a panel on how to escape the low-paying cycle and make more money. 
  • Why accountability partners and mastermind groups can be good for you. 
  • What types of letters of introduction (LOIs) to send out. 
  • Tips from a session on how to find new clients. 
  • A recap of Jennifer Goforth Gregory’s keynote presentation: “The Secret to My $15,000 Months and How I Consistently Hit Income Targets.” 
  • Important questions Jennifer encourages us to ask as we build our business. 

Biz Bite: Provide a luxury good

The Bookshelf: “What the Dead Know: Learning About Life as a New York City Death Investigator” by Barbara Butcher